Broadwood Assets Ltd offer a wealth of experience in the investment and pensions markets and are widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialists of bespoke UK and international real estate and land related investments.

Alternative investments are alternative to those considered to be traditional investments such as equities and fixed income fund investments. Alternative investments provide an excellent route for those investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios. Institutional and private investors are increasingly turning to alternative investments to help them achieve their diversification and return goals.

Broadwood Assets Ltd have considerable and varied experience in the alternative investment sector and understand that different people need different investment strategies. With our lengthy and extensive experience of alternative investments we can help you find the right alternative investment for you.


Assets such as these can provide a hedging effect to traditional investments such as shares, unit trusts, investment bonds and gilts and fixed interest products, which have proved to be volatile in recent years.

Bespoke assets offer both private individuals and corporate institutions genuine added value to not only hedge but to also enhance investment returns.

"The Investor Of Today Does Not Profit From Yesterday's Growth" – Warren Buffett


Broadwood Assets further work with developers and product providers to bring their products to market. Broadwood use their extensive technical knowledge of the pensions industry to ensure that the investments comply with HMRC legislation and are accepted by SIPP, SSAS and QROPS providers.


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Attractive Returns with Alternative Assets

We are delighted to be able to offer access to a new alternative asset investment product providing fantastic rates of return. It is only available for high net worth, sophisticated investors, so you must be able to sign a declaration showing you earn over £100,000 per annum or have over £250,000 of unencumbered assets, excluding your main residence. As this is tailored to the high end of the market, the minimum investment is… View More

Circus Starr

For the 2nd year running Broadwood Assets Ltd are proud to be supporting Circus Starr to enable 6 children to enjoy a trip to the circus. Circus Starr is an independent charitable organisation that supports disadvantaged children across the UK in providing opportunities for them and their families to share an enjoyable time together free of charge. In our opinion a truly worthy… View More

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