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Guaranteed Returns with Alternative Assets

We are delighted to be able to offer access to a new alternative asset investment product providing fantastic guaranteed rates of return. It is only available for high net worth, sophisticated investors, so you must be able to sign a declaration showing you earn over £100,000 per annum or have over £250,000 of unencumbered assets, excluding your main residence. As this is tailored to the high end of the market, the minimum investment is £100,000.

The investment is fully regulated and has a cast-iron capital guarantee (fully insured through Lloyds) with net growth of 8% p.a. The Investment Manager has targeted returns at 12% p.a. (1% per month) with a minimum annual return of 8% as previously stated.

The investment term is just 14 months but you have the flexibility to leave the monies invested indefinitely. It also has the flexibility to roll up returns or take an income each month.

This product is unique in the marketplace, offering fantastic rates of return with a cast-iron guarantee on capital, in a fully regulated investment environment. For further details please contact Tim Beck at Broadwood Assets Limited.